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Residential Services

Watch Communications specializes in providing high-speed wireless broadband internet to rural customers. We also offer products and services such as television and voice services.

Business Services

Watch Communications has a variety of products and services available, ranging from Internet, Television, VOiP, to a full service Data Center to help you achieve your business goals. We understand that not all businesses are the same and will help customize solutions for your business’s specific requirements.


E Terry

I have been a customer with watch communications for about a year. I have their internet service. I was so happy to find a company to provide high speed internet to my rural location for a good price. The service is fast and reliable, and I am very happy with it.

Brian M

Been very happy with our lightning speed internet from Watch Communications. Multiple family members streaming, gaming, and watching tv at the same time with no issues. Crystal clear phone service also. Great service to the rural community.

Michael C

Watch Communications is very diligent with their proactive maintenance, never leaving customers wondering where their access has gone. Even way out here in rural arm country Ohio they are a company that acts first not later! Thanks Watch!

Marcus W

Very happy with service and customer support. Very affordable compared to competition. Highly recommend.

Shannon Family Farms

Watch Communications made an investment into the Whitesville tower and will do further upgrades this summer. They are investing in rural America to ensure we have access to high speed internet. With reliable high-speed internet, we were able to start building our wired and wireless network to ensure adequate coverage for the whole farm.


Best rural internet we have used. We can finally watch Netflix at home and use devices at the same time.

Holmes County Flea Market

We live in the country, and our choices for internet service are very limited. Of all the providers I’ve tried over the years, Watch Communications provides the best internet service and their customer service reps and techs do a great job. Give them a try!


Absolute BEST when it comes to stability and tech support. Not only are they less than half the price of companies offering business capable Internet, their uptime is excellent and this is very important for both business as well as hold online church services.

The Andersons

We’ve had their service for 7 years and have only had our internet go out approximately 3 times in all those years and it’s always due to a storm. It’s always restored very quickly! Very pleased with their service and speed!

Bill M

I have telephone, television, and internet with Watch Communication and I’m 100% satisfied.

Kim C

I’m very pleased with this company. Been with them for a long time. Great customer service!!

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