Welcome to SmartHub where customers can manage their accounts!

Welcome to SmartHub where customers can manage their accounts!

Did you know you can pay your bill online? It’s easy, secure, and a lot faster than calling customer service!

Watch Communications uses the SmartHub platform that you may already be using to pay utility bills. If so, you can easily add your Watch account there and pay all your bills through one portal.

If you need to set up an account, use these steps below.

The SmartHub platform requires you to have the bill amount as part of the registration process. After the successful installation of your home internet equipment, you can expect to receive your first bill on or about the 18th of the following month. We bill in advance so that means you will pay in February for your March service; your March bill will be for April’s service, and so on.

Watch’s billing notices are sent through email so you will want to watchcomm@smarthub.coop to your list of email safe senders to ensure you receive your monthly bill. Your first bill after installation will be emailed to you on the [day] of the next month. Once you receive that, use your Customer Number and the bill amount to create your SmartHub account at www.watchcomm.smarthub.coop.

Your username is the email address given to Watch when you signed up for service. You’ll select a password – remember to pick something that is difficult to guess. A helpful password tip is to use a phrase with randomized capital letters and symbols. Once that’s done, you’re ready to pay your bills online! It’s that easy.

If you want to set up your account before receiving your first bill, you will have to call Customer Service but so long as you set up your account and pay that first hill before midnight EST on the bill due date, your account will remain in good standing.

When you log into your SmartHub account, the screen will show you the Account Overview, which will be the amount due and the due date.

Account Overview will show bill due date, total due, and a link to make payments. Once you go to that link, you can choose the date of the payment and whether you plan to pay the total amount due or a different amount. The minimum payment allowable by the system is $5.00. Once you select the date and amount, click “Pay Now,” which will take you to your saved payment methods. Select the correct one – if you have more than one payment method saved – then click “Continue.” You will be able to review the transaction and then click “Submit” to process your payment.

And that’s it! Quick and easy.

Customer Service is always available to provide assistance, but we know that sometimes wait times can get lengthy, especially if we’re managing outages due to storms or other factors. Utilizing SmartHub is a very convenient way to manage your monthly internet, TV, and phone bills so that your account always remains current.