Chris Daniels

President and Chief Executive Officer

August 30, 2019
Dear Valued Customer,

As President and CEO of Watch Communications I am pleased to announce our acquisition of Beyond Media Networks. The team at Beyond has provided high-quality internet services in rural Illinois and Indiana since 2016. We are proud to have them join our team, and excited to welcome you as a valued customer.

Watch Communications is a broadband service provider and subsidiary of Benton Ridge Telephone (BRT), an Ohio corporation founded in 1902 to provide telephone services in rural Ohio communities. Over time BRT began offering broadband services in these same communities using fiber, wireless and other technologies. Watch was founded in 1992 to extend these services to new areas, leveraging a combination of fiber and fixed wireless solutions. Today we provide broadband, telephone and video solutions in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

The acquisition of Beyond furthers our mission to deliver high-speed broadband services to rural America. As a Microsoft Airband partner and FCC Connect America Fund awardee, Watch is committed to providing higher speeds and more advanced services than you have access to today. However, be assured that while additional services may soon be available in your area, this will be in addition to the quality services that you enjoy today.

There will be a few changes related to billing and payments that we ask for your help in addressing. Please note that your payment due date will change from the 10th of the month to the 7th, and late fees applied on the 11th. Autopayments will also be processed on the 7th of each month. If you are an autopay/EFT customer, or if you wish to be set up for electronic payments, please contact our customer service team at 800-589-3837 option 3. If you wish to pay by check please make the check payable to Watch Communications. You may continue to drop off your payment at our Cissna Park office or submit by USPS to the following address:

Watch Communications
PO Box 33807
Detroit, MI 48232-5807

Additional information regarding the transition to Watch is available at If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. Thank you for your business and welcome to Watch Communications!


Chris Daniels
President & CEO