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Why is Watch right for you? At Watch Communications, we’re investing in your community and working hard to connect you to the Internet so you can connect to the world at-large – with speeds and packages for every budget!

High-speed broadband Internet from Watch Communications gives you:

Better Streaming

Better Gaming

Better Connectivity

Multiple users can be on multiple devices at the same time without major interruptions in service. Stream your favorite movies and TV shows, experience smoother online gaming, and have glitch-free conference calls while the kids do their online schoolwork.

Broadband Internet means lightning-fast speeds so you can surf the web, stream videos, open multiple browser tabs, and share with family, and friends.

Watch has plans with the following download and upload speed options:

  • 25M/3M
  • 50M/5M
  • 100M/20M
  • 200M/20M
  • 300M/30M
  • 400M/40M

Don’t wait – get faster Internet now.

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